Rebuild an environment where people and the earth can coexist


1.Prevention of new coronaviruses
2.Solving ocean and river pollution problems
3.Improvement of domestic water supply
4.Improving energy efficiency and reducing global warming
5.Promotion of human and life health


Implementing the Nano Flux series in society, solving problems one by one, and promoting the purification of the global social environment.

Utilize the cleaning effect

Protects the global environment by reducing the use of cleaning liquids and detergents.

Utilize the sterilizing effect

To promote health and reduce food loss.

Increase energy efficiency

Eliminate energy waste and reduce global warming.

Company Information


Company Name

Flux inc.


September 23, 2020

Business Description

1.Power saving business  2.Manufacture and sale of ultra fine bubble generators  3.Construction of electrical and plumbing facilities  4.Construction of air conditioning equipment  5.All business incidental and related to the above items


2-21-314, Tonda-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City

board member

Nobuhiro Okamoto