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2021年4月27日 in News

【Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry】International Standardization of a Guideline for Evaluating the Contribution of Fine Bubble Technology to the SDGs

International Standardization of a Guideline for Evaluating the Contribution of Fine Bubble Technology to the…
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What are fine bubbles (nanobubbles)?

Bubbles with a diameter smaller than 100 μm (= 0.1 mm) are called fine bubbles. Fine bubbles are also divided into microbubbles (bubbles between 1μm and 100μm) and nanobubbles (bubbles smaller than 1μm) according to the size of the bubble. Nanobubble bubbles are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye and the water appears clear, but they remain stable and bubbles remain in the water, which is why they are expected to have a variety of beneficial effects. The technology of these fine bubbles is an innovation that Japan has discovered ahead of the rest of the world, and interest in this technology is growing in a variety of fields.

Gas dissolution

The gas in the bubble can be dissolved in the liquid with high efficiency. It is also possible to dissolve beyond the saturation level.

Physical adsorption

It has a flocculating effect on substances and particles contained in the liquid, contributing to the formation of flocs. It can also be used for flotation separation of valuable resources.


The energy released locally when the fine bubbles dissipate (light emission, high temperature and pressure, shock waves, etc.) is effective in removing adhering substances.

Gas inclusion

The prolonged and stable presence of bubbles of various gases (oxygen O2, ozone O3, nitrogen N2, etc.) in the liquid can improve the function of the water containing nanobubbles and give it new effects.

menstrual activity

Nanobubbles penetrate easily through the skin and roots and have been reported to improve blood flow and increase internal temperature in the human body and to promote growth in plants.

(Source: "Fine Bubble Application Examples", Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Our Products

Nano Flux / Pro Flux

Nano Flux products can generate more than 60 million nanobubbles per cc using only water pressure without power.


Waste water treatment

Water and sewage treatment, water quality improvement in lakes and marshes, soil pollution remediation, etc. are carried out on a variety of scales, from small tanks to ponds, lakes and rivers. It is also used to reduce the volume of sewage sludge at motorway rest areas.


It is used in the cleaning process of various production lines, in the cleaning of factory pipes and in waste water treatment. It is possible to reduce detergent and rinse water consumption and to improve work efficiency.

Medical care

It is being considered for use in the medical field, for example to clean and sterilise medical equipment and affected areas.

Agriculture and forestry

It is being considered for use in hydroponics to increase yields, improve production cycles and increase the efficiency of the crop cleaning process.

Fishing industry

It is used to increase production by reducing dead fish and promoting growth in aquaculture, to improve the efficiency of fish cleaning and to maintain freshness in the transport of fresh and live fish.

Health and beauty

It is used in footbaths and hot spring baths to enhance the bathing effect and to cleanse the skin.

Our Approach

We are working with experts, companies and organisations in a variety of fields to test the use of Nano Flux.